Seller Terms

Seller Registration

1. Vendors from Dhaka can register on their own or with the help of VKAO (Vendor Key Account Officer, PBL). Detailed product information must be provided by the vendor/seller. 

2. If the vendor is running his business offline he will have to provide a copy of his trade license.
Otherwise, the Vendor will have to provide proof of online business which could be a Facebook page/group or any other shop online link where it is running.

3. The vendor must provide his Bank account details/Mobile Banking account details in order to receive Seller Payment.

4. Providing the exact location/address (with the valid phone number of the dealing person) of product pick-up is a must.

5. The applicant is required to provide an active Email ID, Mobile Number, and WhatsApp number for communication purposes.

6. Following hard copies of documents are needed for registration: 

A. Copy of passport Size photo/Image

B. Copy of valid photo id (Passport/NID)

C. Utility Bill.
7. Vendor registration procedure will be completed upon phone number SMS verification and email verification.

Seller Policy

1. Vendor has to maintain a good business relationship with PBL

2. Vendors need to have an accurate description of goods and services.

3. Vendors need to agree to the pricing policy of PBL or the method of pricing for goods or services to be provided by the vendor. Vendors can either have fixed prices or variable prices depending on bulk quantity.

4. Terms of payment, including mode of payment, have to be agreed with PBL policy and also have to be agreed with PBL charges.

5. Vendors need to accept responsibility for the issues of damaged or defective goods, any supply issues, and delayed delivery or delayed refund payments.

6. Vacation mode must be ON before going for any temporary or permanent vacation otherwise any customer order vendor needs to penalize up to TK5000 or the account could be permanently frozen.

7. Vendors may have their own policy but the PBL policy will be applied on 1st and priority basis.

8. PBL protects all concerned personal information as well as all confidential business information of all kinds of sellers in Piara Bazar. 

Sellers need to know

1. Piara Bazar has a high-tech code-based website and the most user-friendly app with a capacity of millions of products showcasing, ordering, and processing in a moment.  

2. Bigger Marketplace: Piara Bazar is a Canadian-based international online marketplace. Scope to sell all seller's products throughout the country Bangladesh (Teknaf to Tetulia), Canada, USA, and Mexico. In the process to extend the PBL market to India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldip, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore.

3. Wider Options: Customers have the option to buy local products as well as international products.

4. Lowest Fees: Piara Bazar has the unique option for  BD sellers' to sell their products at minimum fees (Sales commission or referral fees, that is, 2.9% for paid subscribers & 4.9% for free subscribers) . This is the lowest in the market. Also has a corporate price package which is very accommodating and reasonable. 

5. Fastest Payment: Piara Bazar arranged the fastest payment to the seller's account after every transaction through SSLCommz. Transaction fees are depending on Payment Gateway for Electronics transactions (fees around 3%)

6. Strong Build: Piara Bazar has specific guidelines for all situations and has a strong privacy policy which will cover the safety of customers as well as sellers

7. Solid Campaign Plan: Piara Bazar has designed a comprehensive campaign plan throughout the year to gather millions of customers to the site to sell millions of products

8. Massive Marketing: Piara Bazar has the option to accommodate all sellers' promotional offers, festival offers, and discount offers in their massive marketing plan

9. Social Media Presence: Presence on FaceBook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google and Tik-Tok

10. SEO marketing and digital marketing operation: Piara Bazar has a strong team for continuously developing product SEO, and site SEO, and synchronizing with the proper algorithm.   

11. Business Growth: Piara Bazar sincerely believes in all sellers' business growth. A right and trendy product may obtain magical sales in Piara Bazar.

12. Efficient Management: Piara Bazar is proud of a strong professional TEAM- continuously vibrant, and extremely dedicated to the business growth

13. Turn on vacation mode while you are far away from your store.